Lambs are born with a wool coat and hair undercoat.  Wool reaches halfway down flanks and chest (belly and crutch are entirely clear of wool).  Most lambs start to shed in spring and will fully shed their first summer. 
Wool loss depends on date of birth, season, nutrition and genetics. 
Wool grows back in autumn.  Sheep lose and gain wool each year.   
Shed wool has no commercial value.  It becomes mulch and is used by birds for nest building.

Advantages of Wool-Shedding
Nutrition is directed towards production of meat & milk - not wool.
Costs are cut dramatically - no need to shear or crutch.
No mulesing or need for tail docking.
No chemical treatment needed for fly or lice.
Ideal for organic lamb production.
Grass seed resistant.


                        Young flock ewe fully shed     


Maternal Traits
The Wiltipoll is usually a seasonal breeder - ewes come into season in autumn and lambs are born in spring.
Some ewes will cycle during summer months and give birth in May and June.
Ewes lamb easily with a high percentage of multiple births.

Prime Lamb Sires
Wiltipoll rams produce adaptable, growthy lambs suited to domestic or heavy export trade.
Crossbred lambs maintain leanness to heavy weights under feedlot or supplementary feeding conditions.
Wiltipolls are not crawlers and will stay in their allocated paddock.
Rams will breed all year round and can be crossed with other breeds to produce prime lamb.

Wiltipolls are used in a variety of farming enterprises.
Ease of management makes them an attractive choice for meat production and grass control on smaller holdings.
Wiltipolls are well suited to prime lamb production in the Rangelands as they will finish on good dry pasture without supplementary feeding.
Complete wool-shedding and ability to handle wet conditions means they can be run in arable country as well as the tropics.


                                                                                                                    Ewes & lambs at Martindale Strathalbyn


Both yards of sheep came out of the same paddock.(Noogoora Burr) Wiltipolls are burr resistant.


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