Wiltipolls on Kars Station

Wiltshire Horns were introduced onto Kars, 60,000 ha between Broken Hill & Menindee, NSW.  A back-crossing program began, joining Wiltshire Horn rams to 1200 Poll Merino ewes. Crossbred ewes have been retained through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th cross.

The registered flock was moved to Strathalbyn SA.

The Kars flock of wool-shedding ewes reached 3,500 and remaining Merino flock was sold off.

Number of wool-shedding ewes reached 6,000 plus.

2000 breeding ewes & 250 rams sold. An inaugural Field Day held at Kars Station.

2000 breeding ewes & 250 rams available
for sale each year.

4000 plus breeding ewes sold - record number








                                             Commercial numbers of ewes available


Wiltipolls at Strathalbyn SA

Our flock of 300 registered Wiltipoll ewes is run on 500 acres at Martindale, Strathalbyn on the Fleurieu Peninsular SA. Rainfall  - 550 ml (22 inches)


We have been running our ewes with tails left on since 1998.


Our Enterprise

  • Only complete-shedding rams are used in registered and unregistered flocks.
  • Sheep are bred at Broken Hill & Strathalbyn properties.
  • Clients receive individual attention and time for correct selection of stock.
  • Transport arranged for interstate clients.






Privacy Policies for Kars Pastoral Company


Annie Hughes
1059 Paris Creek Rd
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E: wiltipoll@bigpond.com 


Fred Hughes M: 0428 899 036
E: karsstation@bigpond.com 
Brendan Cullen
Manager Kars Station
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Ph: 08 8091 9404

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