Breeding Wiltipolls in the outback since 1993


We have bred a large flock of complete wool-shedding ewes - run without shearing or crutching to produce prime lamb.
Held by the Hughes family since 1870 Kars Station is semi arid country with 8in (200 ml) rainfall.
Since 1993 we have completed a back-crossing program using Poll Merino and Wiltshire Horn.
Wiltipoll Flock No 1
Brucellosis Accreditation No: 1149
OJD rating: SA Biosecurity Plan


 Young full wool shedding rams at Kars



Flock ewes ready to be transported to new owner in Victoria



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Annie Hughes
1059 Paris Creek Rd
Strathalbyn SA 5255


Fred Hughes M: 0428 899 036
Brendan Cullen
Manager Kars Station
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Ph: 08 8091 9404

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