Price List 2015/16

All stock are full wool shedding and polled

Registered Stock

Rams 2014 drop from $880 p/h
Ewes 2013 drop from $250 p/h

Unregistered Stock

Flock Rams           Available
2014 drop from $550             From October 2015

Ewe prices to be set September 2015
Flock Ewes          Available
   2014 drop              From Oct/Nov 2015

           2013 drop              From Oct/Nov 2015          

2012 drop              From Oct/Nov 2015

2011 drop              From Oct/Nov 2015

Limited numbers of sheep available from Martindale Strathalbyn SA

Commercial numbers of flock ewes available from Kars Station Broken Hill NSW

Two year old Wiltipoll ewes in summer coats at Kars 

All prices include GST

The station sheep are bred and reared in NSW Exclusion Zone suitable for entry into Queensland











Second cross lambs at Kars Station


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Fred & Pip Hughes
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Ph: 08 8091 9404
Fax: 08 8091 9413

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