Prime Lamb Production

1st and 2nd cross lambs can weigh 60 kg plus live at 10 - 11  months without laying down fat.

Wool sheds from the head, legs, belly and point of neck on the1st cross and halfway up the body on the 2nd cross.

Some 2nd cross ewes need partial shearing annually, others need none. Mulesing, tail stripping and crutching is unnecessary.

With each cross to a Wiltipoll ram the length of fleece and wool growing area is reduced.

1st and 2nd cross ewes make excellent prime lamb mothers producing plenty of milk with high lambing percentages.  Mothering instinct is very strong.

1st cross ewes will breed all year round.

Click below for Kars lambing percentages

2nd cross Wiltipoll/Merino lambs
4 months old on Kars Station.


Lambing percentage comparison





Young Wiltipoll ewes in summer coats at Kars Station




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